Sangguniang Panlalawigan

First District

Shirlyn D. Macasarte, R.N.

Shirlyn Demegillo Macasarte is also a classic example of how women have proven their worth outside the confines of her home not only by pursuing further education but also by authoring ordinances that puts a lot of premium on the importance of health for all Kutabatenyo and education among the youth especially those coming from the tribal communities. She was honed as a legislator by serving as Sangguniang Kabataan Municipal Federation President of Banisilan Cotabato for several years. She exudes youthfulness and beauty. Neneng as affectionately called, proves that there is more to it than meets the eye.

She authored legislative measures for the promotion and advancement of the general welfare Cotabato and her constituents. Considered as one of her landmark legislations are the provincial ordinance establishing the Child and Youth Welfare and Development Code of Cotabato Province and the establishment of Cotabato Health Insurance Program. On December 2008, she miraculously survived an ambush incident that caused her temporary handicapped. However, she does not see it as a hindrance in serving the people of Cotabato because she believes that serving her constituency is the highest form of serving God also.

Loreto V. Cabaya, Jr.
Board Member Loreto V. Cabaya

Former Aleosan mayor for three consecutive terms,

Eliseo D. Garcesa, Jr.

Board Member Eliseo Garcesa, Jr. was born on August 31, 1952 to parents Eliseo Fordan Garcesa Sr. and Carolina Tabaquera Dogoldogol. He finished his primary education at Pigcawayan Elementary School and High School at the Notre Dame of Pigcawayan. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree from the Philippine Harvardian College in Cotabato City. After earning his degree, he became an active media practitioner in the province. In 1989 he tried his hand on politics and was elected as number one municipal councilor of Pigcawayan, Cotabato after finishing his first term as municipal councilor he vied and won as Municipal Mayor of the same municipality holding this position until 2001. He is credited to bringing prosperity and economic growth in the Municipality of Pigcawayan during his incumbency.

His eagerness to serve the people prompted him to seek higher office, thus in June 2001 he was elected as Board Member for the 1st District of the Province of Cotabato. Nonoy as he is fondly called by friends and family is married to Helen Estella with whom he is blessed with 5 children. Jarel, Jezler, Ellen Grace, Eliseo III, and Justin Marc. He is the Chairman of the Committee on Private Sector Organizations, Commerce, Labor and Employment, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Youth and Sports Development and member of the Committee on Laws, Rules and Privileges and Committee on Budget and Appropriations.

Mohammad Kelie U. Antao
Mohammad Kelie U. Antao

From Libungan

Second District

Hon. Noel S. Baynosa

Board Member Baynosa finished his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Mindanao last 1984. He is married to Margarita Hayco Baynosa and blessed with three (3) children, Atilla, a registered nurse, Freddie II, a second year law proper and Karlo, a first year Bachelor of  Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering both at the Ateneo De Davao University.

Hon. Baynosa is the present Chairman of the Committee on Health Services and Sanitation and Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Infrastructure, Public Works and Energy. He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Kidapawan, Knights of Columbus Council 8249, Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines, Kidapawan Lodge 170, Accredited Safety Practitioner – DOLE and DOE, and Accredited Safety Auditor – DET Norse Veritas (DNV).

Hon. Airene Claire A. Pagal, R.N.

The word Arakan is derived from the Manobo term “ARA” which means abundance of natural resources in the valley and “KAN” which means heroism, bravery and valor of the early Manobo leaders and settlers of the area. The word “ARAKAN”[3] then was named referring to one of the rivers of the valley. Arakan is basically a territory of a number of ethno-linguistic groups, predominantly of the Manobo-Kulamanon and Manobo-Tinananon tribes. The names of the two (2) big rivers in Arakan were also from these ethnic groups of the Kulaman and Tinanan Rivers. The original settlers of the place are the Manobos, which were believed to have originally come from the string of islands in the Malayan Peninsula and Borneo. This assumption is based on their language structure which has Malayan roots.

Hon. Cristobal D. Cadungon

Kidapawan, the city hailed as “The Spring in the Highlands”, comes from the words “TIDA” which means spring and “PAWAN” meaning highland. The city is found at the bottom of the majestic Mt. Apo, the country’s tallest mountain making it a great spot and first-rate tourist attraction. Kidapawan is situated at the southeastern section of Cotabato province, placed in the middle of five other major cities of Davao, Digos, Cotabato, General Santos, and Cagayan de Oro. Visit Website

Third District

Hon. Maybell T. Valdevieso
Hon. Maybell T. Valdevieso
Hon. Joemar S. Cerebo
Hon. Joemar S. Cerebo

Former Vice Mayor of Tulunan

Hon. Ivy Martia Lei C. Dalumpines
Hon. Ivy Martia Lei C. Dalumpines

Ex-Officio Members

Hon. Dulia D. Sultan
Hon. Rogelio L. Marañon
Hon.Ralf Cyrelle S. Silvestre


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