Kalivungan Feature: Kulintangan Extravaganza

Kulintang is a Maguindanaon term referring to an ancient instrumental form of music in a form of gong kettles. The gongs are laid horizontally to create a kulintang set.

Kulintangan Extravaganza in Pikit last year. PGO File Photo

Kulintangan Extravaganza in Pikit last year. PGO File Photo

In North Cotabato, Kulintang is played by some artistic and skillful moslem brethren to uphold their manifestation of their rich cultural heritage.

A musical presentation called “Kulintangan Extravaganza” will again hold attention to Cotabateños on this year’s 99th Founding Anniversary hailed as Kalivungan Festival 2013.

The musical showdown aims to re-establish and develop Kulintang as component of indigenous cultures in the province.

Kulintangan will be executed by talented musicians teamed by four or five members. Each plays the kulintang itself, a dabakan, a gandingan, an agong, and a pamandil which is optional.

It is played by striking the bosses of the gongs with two wooden beaters harmonized by other instruments.

Three pieces – the Tinidto, Binalig, and Sinulog will be performed by the instrumentalists in maximum of two minutes per melody.

Professional and skilled musicians will judge the contest through identification of style, melody, and synchronization.

The competition will be facilitated by the Local Government of Pikit chaired by Board Member Dulia Sultan, and will be held at Pikit Municipal Plaza on August 29, 2013.

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