Gov. Taliño-Mendoza condemnation on STANDECO violent attack

Together with the peace loving people of North Cotabato, I strongly condemn the recent attack on the premises of the Standard Rubber Development Corporation at Brgy. Taluntalunan, Makilala.

The cowardly and dastardly acts of more or less 30 armed men headed by one Felix Armodia alias Jing, Sec GF72, FSMR that burned the plant, and with land mines, wounded one Francisco and killed Hector Lalaguna, hapless civilian employees of the company who responded to put out the blaze, do not only affect the direct victims but importantly the livelihood of the workers, their families, as well as the productivity of and peace in the community and the province.

When acts of terrorism are committed, the direct victims are usually considered as collateral damage. What is forgotten is that the real victims are the families of the victims, the workers of affected industries, and generally the inhabitants of the community.

With the destruction of the plant facilities of Mr. Butch Pacheco, there is an expected work stoppage. The effect on the company’s 600 work force and their families is not difficult to imagine. The negative effects of these senseless acts of violence is not limited to them as these would surely reverberate in the entire rubber industry in the province.

The small steps we have taken after the recently concluded congress to consciously improve and development the industry had all been wiped clean by this armed bandits. These armed terrorist are unmindful of our conscious efforts all these years to provide a peaceful atmosphere for business and investments in the province as an avenue for employment opportunities thereby providing livelihood to the many and generating much needed revenues that bring developmental changes.

For these reasons, I call upon all peace loving people of the Province of Cotabato to condemn in the strongest possible terms these recent terroristic acts. May we continue to work for a peaceful and humane society.

Let us resolve our conflicts through peaceful and legal means. Let us prevent similar acts in the future from happening. There is much at stake and much to lose if we let violence and fear reign.

But there is much to gain in an environment of peace and mutual respect. I urge all of you to work to keep the peace. Let us work for peace.

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