Pasko sa piling ni Gob Lala: Loving the children with a generous heart

What could be more exciting for young school children this Christmas season than to receive gifts from someone who cares a lot about them?

1204 pasko

This is the spirit of Christmas Cotabato Governor Emmylou “Lala” Taliño-Mendoza brings to many children in different places in North Cotabato as she visits from one barangay to another this December.

“Pasko sa piling ni Gob. Lala”, a simple yet a very compassionate move by the governor this season has also made a mark to children’s hearts and their teachers as well.

Starting from Barangay Talun-Talunan in Makilala where hundreds of children gathered for a party, the governor has also spent time with many, many children in the villages of Dallag, Arakan; Nes, Midsayap; Magatos, Kabacan; Inug-ug, Pikit; Paradise,  Banisilan; Sallat, President Roxas and many more before Christmas day comes.

Many of these children came from poor families whose parents only earn meager income or in some cases do not have regular work thus making it even more difficult for children.

In some areas where Muslims are a majority, children were excited to receive gifts for the first time. It was an experience they would treasure in their growing years.

Most of the gifts given to children were toys which made it more appealing to them. Gov. Lala believes it’s worth the time and effort and she was right.

Making children happy is not that hard at all especially when you line them up and give them presents.

But there is more than that. There is more than making the children happy by giving them, For Gov. Lala, whether big or small it’s the thought that counts and the true generosity that comes from the heart.

And when people have true generosity they can give love with all their hearts and still feel that it cost them nothing.

Gov. Lala never seems to get tired of doing this. Since she became the chief executive, Gov. Lala has gone to many barangays every Christmas season, mingled with young children and spent time with them.

After all, apart from the governor, who couldn’t be happy seeing the children amaze with excitement waiting for their gifts and play with one another.

In the last two years, she even extended this to the senior citizens whom she gave much importance.

In both genres, Gov. Lala has shown her love for her constituents not only as a public servant but as a mother and a sister as well.

A teacher from Inug-ug Elementary School whose pupils were among those who received gifts from the governor said she can feel the happiness of the children.

Ma’am Christine, 27 years old from Inug-ug village couldn’t be thankful enough as she saw her pupils delighted over the visit of Gov. Lala and how the governor related to them as if she was their own mother.

She said that this is something new for many children especially among the Muslims who do not celebrate Christmas but were able to appreciate the spirit of giving.

For both young and old, Christmas with Gov. Lala means having the best gifts of the season.





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