A wish granted in New Bulatukan

If there is one wish the students of New Bulatukan Elementary School in Makilala, North Cotabato wanted to come true, it would be a place where they could group together, hold meetings or play safe and sound.
Last Monday, September 9, 2013 their wish came to reality. Not only did they have a place to meet and play but they were given an entire covered court where they can hold essential activities that would practically include school and barangay programs, medical and dental outreach programs and many others.
For Grade VI pupil Justine Mark Cabalquinto, president of the Supreme Student Government of New Bulatukan the mere thought of having a concrete covered court makes him happy.
Happy in the sense that he, along with his schoolmates would no longer be having a hard time in finding a space to hold club meetings and a practice area.
And what could a boy like Justine Mark say that for a long time he and his classmates were just wandering in school grounds and looking for some place to do school-related tasks?
He was elated, feeling excited when he together with many pupils went to the inauguration and blessing of the covered court on that day.
Justine Mark was included in the list of those who will speak at the program. His part was to formally accept the project and say some words of thanks.
He had the idea as to the benefactors or to whom the covered court came from. He learned from his teachers that the project was funded by the Trade Union Congress of the Phil’s. (TUCP)in partnership with Cotabato Governor Emmylou “Lala” Taliṅo-Mendoza.
He also doesn’t have personal knowledge as to who they are. The only thing he knew is that the benefactors have seen the need to put this project in their school and they were truly serious to realize the project.
When his name was called to deliver his part, Justine Mark stood up, went directly to the center and gave his message of thanks.
In his message he said, “This is a dream come true for us students. We long wanted to have a structure like this because we need it for our school and community activities. In our school for instance, we need to gather for club meetings and sports events. And now that we were given this covered, we treat it as blessing and in return we promise to take care of it and use it for our development as students. In behalf of the entire student body of New Bulatukan Elementary School, I say thank you very much to the Hon. Governor Taliṅo-Mendoza and her partner in life Hon. Raymond Mendoza of the TUCP.”
Justine Mark’s message though plain and simple, was delivered in the sincerest way. He was able to convey his deep appreciation to the donors of the covered court with an honest and appreciative tone.
His classmates, friends and teachers felt the genuineness in his speech. They too, were so thankful that a certain project that is as useful like this was realized in their school.
Above all these, everyone back in New Bulatukan feel blessed and indeed were very thankful for the covered court project.

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