A Dance to Remember in Barangay Ilustre, Pres. Roxas

When a group of elderly men and women who attended the culmination program of their founding anniversary in Barangay Ilustre, President Roxas, North Cotabato last August were asked to dance on the stage by no less than Cotabato Governor Emmylou “Lala” Taliño-Mendoza, they were all anxious and somehow hesitant to climb up the stage.

Elderly dance before the crowd in Barangay Ilustre. PGO Photo

Elderly dance before the crowd in Barangay Ilustre. PGO Photo

Who would ever expect that in a festivity where the senior citizens usually sit and content themselves at the back will be called to dance? The amusing part is that they would not dance to the tune of an old music but to the very popular hit dance “Gentleman”.

This is least expected in a program where usually various activities take place and are mostly participated by the young ones.

For Gov.Taliño-Mendoza, this is what village festivities should do, give time to the elderly and make them feel that they too were a big part of the celebration.

True to what she anticipate to happen, the senior citizen, their ages ranging 65 years old to 90 brought delight to many who was witnessing the program and surprisingly, the elderly suddenly became energetic .

One of them hardly went up the stage with her cane and an umbrella and was dancing when somebody took them from her hands and to the surprise of many she continued to dance like she had never dance before.

Everyone in the crowd was cheering to the dancers on the stage as if it was the first time something like it happened in Barangay Ilustre.  The crowd was pleased to see their own elders swaying and moving like teenagers.

Apparently, the purpose of requesting the senior citizens to dance is simple and that is to make the anniversary more fun.

But what Gov. Lala did touched not only the hearts of the elderly but the hearts of the many individuals present that time. It was so simple but it brought out the humanity in them.  No one thought that the program would become more joyful and memorable.

Helen Gasita, the village chair, cannot thank enough Gov. Lala first for granting her request for the governor to personally come and grace the occasion and second, for the fun-filled moment the governor spent with the residents.

On their part, the elders were happyto have that moment.  A dance-filled moment where they themselvesdid what they thought they couldn’t do anymore.

Happy that the elders did what is requested of them, the governor made sure all those who participated in the dancing were given surprises.  It is her way of appreciating the elderly and making them feel they are loved and cherished by the community.

We salute to our beloved senior citizens. Without you we are not here and we will not become what we are now.

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