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POPULATION CHARACTERISTICS The primary asset of the province is its people.  The May 1, 2000 Census of Population and Housing indicated that the total population of (North) Cotabato is 958,643 persons who were of diverse culture and ethnic origin.  It is higher by 95,977 persons over the 1995 Census of Population results. Males outnumbered females with a sex ratio of 104.5 males for every 100 females. Males totaled 489,963 or 51.11 percent while 468,680 or 48.89 percent are females.  The number of households in (North) Cotabato rose to 188,581 in 2000 or an increase of 18,863 households over the 1995…


Government Administration

POLITICAL SUBDIVISIONS The Province of Cotabato is composed of 17 municipalities and 1 city:  Alamada, Aleosan, Antipas, Arakan, Banisilan, Carmen, Kabacan, Libungan, Magpet, Makilala, Matalam, Midsayap, Mlang, Pigcawayan, Pikit, Pres. Roxas, Tulunan and Kidapawan City.  The seat of the Provincial Government is located at Amas, Kidapawan City.                DATES OF ESTABLISHMENT AND LAWS CREATING THE CITY AND MUNICIPALITIES, (NORTH) COTABATO CITY/MUNICIPALITY  LAW CREATING THE CITY/MUNICIPALITY DATE OF CREATION 1  ALAMADA  Republic Act No. 5645  June 21, 1961 2  ALEOSAN  Batas Pambansa Blg. 206  April 6, 1982 3  ANTIPAS  Batas Pambansa Blg. 88  February 15, 1981 4  ARAKAN…


Natural Resources

LAND CLASSIFICATION Of the province’s total land area of 656,590 hectares, 149,972 hectares or 22.84% are classified as alienable and disposable while the remaining 506,618 hectares or 77.16% are forest lands. Of the total forest lands, 3,825 hectares or 0.76% are unclassified public forests while 502,793 hectares or 99.24% are classified public forest. Forestlands are preserved for timber production, grazing and marshes, national parks and bird sanctuaries.  Forest reserves and timberlands take the biggest share of the total classified forestlands. The alienable and disposable land of the province has a smaller area than that of the forestlands. LAND USE OPPORTUNITY…



LOCATION The Province of (North) Cotabato lies on the eastern part of Region XII and is strategically located in the central part of Mindanao.  It is bounded on the North by the Province of Bukidnon, on the northwest by Lanao del Sur, on the East by Davao City, on the Southeast by Davao del Sur, on the West by Maguindanao Province and on the southwest by Sultan Kudarat Province. Mountains to the east peak at Mount Apo, a volcanic cone that is the highest mountain in the Philippines.  In the west, the Piapungan Range separates it from Lanao del Sur. …



OVERVIEW OF ITS PAST, PEOPLE AND RESOURCES Before the coming of the Christian migrants from Luzon and the Visayas which  had  accelerated the growth of settlements and subsequently gave rise to bustling municipalities, this area named Cotabato was inhabited by various ethnic groups namely:  the Manobos, the Bagobos and the Muslims sometime in 1500 A.D.  These various tribes are believed to be descendants of Indonesian immigrants owing to their similarity in physical structure and language. According to a Manobo creation myth, the fertile flood plain between the Kulaman and the Pulangi Rivers was the birthplace of life on earth.  Soil…

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